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Itabashi Ward Registered Management Consultants’ Association (Itashinkai) is an association consisting of Registered Management Consultants (RMCs) who have ample knowledge and acquired valuable business and technical skills. As good partners of small and medium sized enterprises (SMEs), under the slogan “Be supporters of local SMEs with a challenging spirit”, our members are ready to respond to any needs related to business management and business strategy issues. Our mission is to contribute to the industrial vitalization and the regional development in Itabashi Ward and the surrounding districts.

What is Registered Management Consultant?

Registered Management Consultant (RMC) is a national qualification of management consultants registered by the Minister of Economy, Trade and Industry, on the basis of Small and Medium-sized Enterprises Basic Act.

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Greeting from the president

Association of business consultants

We are the members of the association of business consultants. We have ample experience and specialized knowledge to respond to the many demands of business management. We work as valuable partners for small and medium companies under the slogan “Assist the challenging companies in the current challenging business environment.”

Community-based Support

We conduct our consulting support in an efficient and practical manner, and fully understand the needs and the situations of respective companies and organizations, as well as their backgrounds and structures.

As a community-based association, we focus on the business support, IT support, Incubation, and business promotions of company managers in the local area. We act as a bridge between the local government and the local companies, so that the national and local governmental policies for small and medium companies can increase their effectiveness.

Our structure to respond to your business challenges

We have around 90 members to respond to various and complicated issues in the recent business circumstances.

It is much appreciated if you raise any questions related to your business without hesitation.

Hirofumi Aoki, the president


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The value Itashinkai provides

Yes, we are Itabashi Ward Registered Management Consultants’ Association.


Presently, Itashinkai has around 90 professionals of business management consultation, making effort to contribute the development and sustainability of SMEs in the area.

Under the current challenging business circumstances, SMEs’ business issues have become more and more complicated.

If you have questions or anxieties about your daily business management, please feel free to contact Itashinkai without hesitation.


Don’t you have concerns regarding any of the below issues?


– Recently, the number of our customers seems to have decreased. Which countermeasures should I take to improve the frequency of customers’ visit?

– In the past few years, I have made business to the same customers only, but our sales have decreased gradually. How should I develop new customers?

– There are no signs in the decreasing number of our customers, but somehow, our sales have slightly decreased. Could it be that the sales per customer has decreased?


Don’t you have any other concerns like below?


– What does it mean “a smaller inventory makes for better management?”

– Recently, the numbers of complaints from our customers seem to have increased. What is a good way to train our part-time workers?

– In difficult times there are opportunities. Offensive management seems to be important under such challenging business circumstances. What are the foreseeable problems to open new retail shops under the present situation?

– Now is the time to consider our company successor. But, my son may not be interested in taking over the company. What shall I do?

– Recently, people are talking a lot about business with China, but I have no idea how to approach Chinese customers?

Please leave us any business issues you may have.
First of all, please contact us.



History of Itashinkai

History before founding Itashinkai


October 1954 Founded Japan Small and Medium Enterprise Management Consultant Association (J-SMECA)
March 1959 Established Tokyo Branch of J-SMECA
April 1966 Established Johoku sub-Branch inside Tokyo Branch


Development period

May 1986 Founded Itabashi Ward Registered Management Consultants’ Association
April 1988 Dispatched the management consultants to Itabashi Ward Office.
May 1995 Held 10th Anniversary meeting (attended by Mayor of Itabashi Ward, a Tokyo Metropolitan Assembly member, Itabashi Ward Assembly members, and others.)
April 1998 Contracted with Itabashi Ward for the operation of PC school
1997 – 2006 Had a booth at Itabashi industrial exhibition from the first time

Stable period

April 1999 Contracted with Itabashi Ward for the business consultation
November 1999 Contracted with Itabashi Ward to make a lecture on fostering business successors for companies
May 2000 Contracted with Itabashi Ward to make a lecture on business start-ups at “Itabashi IT Plaza”
July 2000 Founded and operated a liaison meeting for “start-up businesses”
July 2002 – April 2010 Managed the website “Nirinsou (soft windflower)” for business founders
2002 – 2005 Supported the “community business” promotion in Itabashi Ward
2003 – 2012 Held Free consultation meeting consisting of six qualification holders (nine qualification holders after 2010)
2003 – 2004 Contracted for “the management innovation” seminar with Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industries
2003 – 2006 Supported the revitalization of shopping areas in Itabashi Ward
April 2005 Supported the local businesses in Itabashi Ward
April 2006 Held 20th Anniversary meeting (Received testimonial from the Mayor of Itabashi Ward. Many attendants.)

Most recent Activities

April 2007 - Contracted to organize Itabashi Ward young business managers interaction meeting
December 2008 Contracted for a survey of the actual situation of manufacturers in Itabashi Ward
April 2009 Contracted for the certification work for urgent payment guarantees for the purpose to stimulate the economy
2009 - Contracted for the operation of unique retail shops award in Itabashi Ward.
September 2011 Contracted for the survey of all manufacturers in Itabashi Ward.
March 2013 Contracted for free consultation about the subsidy supporting manufacturers from Itabashi Industrial Promotion Public Corporation
June 2013 Contracted to support local SMEs to make their simple BCPs
2014 - Continuously working to contribute to the regional SMEs as well as Itabashi Ward